Hello Nocb, i’d be handling the critique for your lesson 3


Starting with your arrows, i can see that you struggle to put them in perspective, some of your arrows do look 3d but you don’t push the perspective enough so that they feel like they’re flowing through 3d space, to help with that remember to apply foreshortening (making the farther end smaller, and the closer end larger). https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/perspective

Also you don’t let the edges of your arrows overlap a lot of the time, which make them look very flat. https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/overlap

And lastly, you forgot to close your arrows on some edges and end, remember not to rush it and to take your time with it.


Good job! Your leaves are drawn pretty confidently and are flowing quite well,i just want you to pay more attention on the texture or the lines that you’ve drawn in your leaves, while accuracy is certainly not superior to confidence i think you should still try to get your lines to look pretty accurate at an extent, the lines that you put on your leaves looks pretty rushed, you can use the ghosting method to help with that.


I think here the flow of your branches i too exaggerated, Start off small, try to draw your branches not with crazy flows but with a subtle curve. and remember that this is a branch you’re drawing, if you bend it too much it’s going to break. Also when you trace your line try to follow the flow, don’t go straight to the ellipses that will make your branches look really angular.

And stop drawing over your lines once a line is traced just leave it as it is.


Here on some of your plants your leaves are pretty stiff, remember to follow the flow line that you set up before drawing each leaves.

You are drawing really small, Drawing small makes things harder for us. it limits our ability to think through spatial problems. I would recommend you to take a full page for each plants that you’re drawing.

Also you don’t use much line weight, and when you do you seem to use it to reinforce the contours of your plants, that’s not how it should be used. remember to use line weight to help you clarify what is sitting in front of what