Regarding contours on forms

4:03 AM, Monday May 23rd 2022

I’m kinda confused to how we use contours here at drawabox.

Like after we place down a form, we use contours the describe its surface. However can we alter that contour to make different directions and surfaces on an already established shape?

As shown here

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2:05 PM, Friday May 27th 2022

Yes, that is exactly what Uncomfortable asks you to do.

He doesn't spell this out exactly with the contour line section, but does with the draw through ellipses. The principle is the same however. I think the link you posted shows a clear understanding of how contour lines are used in Drawabox. They take a simple flat shape and trick the viewers mind into believing it is 3D without the use of shading. The more I use contour lines, the more I don't feel like I am drawing but rather sculpting in 2D.

8:06 PM, Saturday May 28th 2022

I seriously appreciate this because i still didnt know why or how contour lines were useful or more accurately how they are related to the thinking in 3d section

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