Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

10:46 AM, Thursday January 6th 2022

Drawbox homework 1 - Album on Imgur

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Good morning, this it my homework i want to thank you beforehand for any feedback and for the website.

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3:58 PM, Thursday January 6th 2022

Hello there congrats on finishing lesson one


The superimposed lines are not as confident as they could be, speed up the strokes and ghost a little more. It looks like you went slow for some of them. Use the shoulder and take your time ghosting until you are confident with the motion then swiftly execute the line. Ghosted lines look confident , there are some wobbles in some of them. Ghost until confident here too and speed up the strokes, the same as stated above. Ghost the line until confident, then commit to the motion while executing it speedily. The lines of the ghosted planes look okay. Some are wobbly though.

Ellipses in the plane of ellipse and table of ellipses are mostly confident. I can see you struggled with the narrower ones. I do see a number with wobbles on the line and bends. The ellipses in the funnels exercise are not confident, it is evident you drew these slowly, favoring accuracy over accuracy. They have points and corners. We should be favoring confidence. For all ellipses, be they small, big, narrow or circular. You ghost the ellipse where you want to draw it until you are confident with the motion. Then fully commit to the motion and swiftly execute the ellipse.

In the table of ellipses, there are some gaps between ellipses, ellipses should be touching. There should be no gaps between ellipses.

In the funnels ellipses should be touching, there should be not gaps between ellipses.


Plotted perspective looks solid, consider adding line weight where boxes overlap. Also use a ruler for all the hatching in this exercise.

Rough perspective looks okay, keep in mind that in rough perspective the vertical lines are perpendicular to the horizon and the horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon. This should help you plot your lines.

For rotated boxes, scale them up as in drawn them bigger. It's hard to see the lines of the boxes. What I can see is some edges next to each other where not used as reference. Look at the video lesson to see how you approach drawing these boxes.

Organic perspective looks okay, consider adding line weight where boxes overlap.

I will ask for revision

1 page table of ellipses (ghost all of them, commit to the motion)

1 page ghosted lines

Good luck, take your time.

Next Steps:

1 page table of ellipses (ghost all of them, commit to the motion)

1 page ghosted lines

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
12:36 PM, Monday January 10th 2022


Thank you for the feed back, I will do my best to improve the confidence in my lines.

Here is the link for the revision.

10:01 PM, Monday January 10th 2022

Ellipses look better , There are some narrow ones that are pointy , focus on commiting to the circular motion. Keep working at it, good luck.

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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