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2:03 PM, Wednesday October 26th 2022

Superimposed lines

The arcs and horizontal lines are better especially the shorter ones. The vertical lines are fraying quite a bit (try to rotate the page) and the lines seem to wobble at the end (but that will be fixed with practice).

Ghosted lines

It seems like you are not confident in some of the tilted lines as there is some wobble, but most of them are are straight are quite accurate.

Ghosted planes and Ellipses in planes

The planes on the first page are made quite well, some of the tilted angles are overshooting a little, but it seems to be a little better on the second page.

Table of Ellipses

Same as the ghosted planes, I see some overshooting and overlapping but it gets better on the second page.


The funnels are very well made, you did a good job aligning the ellipses to the axis and the shape is quite on point.

Plotted Perspectice Boxes

You repeated a few lines, but overall followed the instructions correctly.

Rough Perspective Boxes

You are repeating lines quite a bit, try using the horizon line as a reference to plot the boxes then ghost the lines until you are confident (Keep the width of the box parallel to the horizon line and the length of the box at a 90 degree angle). If you feel stuck then take a step back, relax your shoulder and once you draw a line don't change it.

Rotated Boxes

This is a hard exercise so I won't say much about it. You will get a better once you start working on the 250 box challenge

Organic boxes

Some of the boxes are repeating. but again, once you start the 250 box challenge you will get better.

I hope this was helpful, Good luck on your journey and on the 250 box challenge!

Next Steps:

Use the Superimposed lines exercise and the Ghosted lines exercise to warm up before starting.

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9:08 PM, Wednesday October 26th 2022

thanks a lot, it was very helpful good luck on your draw a box/art journey :>

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5:00 PM, Sunday October 23rd 2022

Good job for completing lesson one don’t forget to practice every day. Do the 50% rule and go to the 250 boxes challenge

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7:07 PM, Sunday October 23rd 2022

Thank you I will try my best! Good luck to you as well

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