Hi ChaoticFoxTales! Hope you're doing well.

Organic Arrows

  • Your arrows are smooth & they're compressing & expanding as they move away & tworads the viewer.

  • Edges of some of the arrows is not overlaping which made them abit flat(see https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/overlap), if it's intentional to have that kind of curve then there is no need to worry about it because you already did enough arrows according to the instructions.

  • Good work on the lineweight & hatching, I can see that you've applied them on the overlapping section to hightlight what's in front.


  • Your leaves are following their flow line, even the folding ones. Though the flow of bottom left folding leaf on left page seems a bit weird. But you'll improve on them with practice, so continue doing them in your warmups.

  • Nice work on breaking the silhouette of these leaves. If you can, try doing some different variations using references when doing them in your warm ups.


  • Most of your ellipses here are perpendicular to their minor axis. Some are not, so try to check again if ellipses are placed correctly & if they're not, then correct them if it's possible, otherwise the construction will feel weird.

  • Good work the curved branches, you seem to have figured it out that placing ellipses on the peak of curve greatly help with constructing these curved branches.

  • You're trying to gradually changing the degree of the ellipse, but there are many cases(like in bottom left on right page) where the change is drastic, see if you can avoid these as much as possible. Observe how the ellipse changes it's degree in this branch, https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/18463269.png or the section in lesson 1 https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/5/circles.

Plants Drawings

  • Petals of these flowers have a nice flow to them.

  • In the first drawing you've left out an empty space. I recommend planning out flow line of each petals bfore drawing those petals, so you can avoid those empty space..

  • Ellipses on the mushroom are well placed with almot correct widths. Also the texture here has a gradual shift in the details to lead the eye, though you could've gone a little more darker at the top of the base.

  • Good work on keep the petals of Hibiscus almost within it's planned boundary. There is one petal in the top coming out of it but that's okay, you can improve on it with practice.

-You cactus has a really solid silhouette.

  • You've carefully put details on the bottom part of the cactus & potato plant & less on the top ones for your focal point.

  • In the potato plant demo, I see that you didn't drew throgh the leaves. Don't worry about construction looking messy, it's bound to happen with complex drawings, just take one step at a time & draw through your forms & each flow line for these leaves.

  • You've done basics constuctions & then changed it's silhouette in your last two palnt drawings. Though I'd like to remind you that you're putting too much line weight & it becomes distracting as it's almost acting like an outline of the drawing. Use them only on the overlapping sections to show what's in front & for your focal point, anythings else becomes distractions.


You making great progress on these constructions. You do need to work on your ellipses a bit & yourlineweight as you seem to over use them.

Congrats on completing lesson 3!