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3:52 AM, Thursday July 15th 2021

Yo! haven't critiqued much so please ask questions on stuff you're confused about.

1.Extending lines

One thing I see is that you weren't extending in the correct direction for many of your boxes. A good way to remember what way to extend is always making sure that your extensions are going away from the Y instead of towards it. I also saw that you weren't extending the lines one all sides but only on 1 or 2 sides


I noticed that a few of your boxes were either completely parallel or diverging. This was most noticeable at the beginning but started to slowly go away after the later boxes but was still there on a few boxes. Make sure to remember that boxes in 3 point perspective will always converge.

  1. Line weight

I didn't see much of the contour line weight throughout the challenge but if you're having trouble with that (I did too) i would suggest to try and do the superimposed exercise before doing your future homework and practicing on your weaknesses

4.Line quality

There was a bit of repeating lines in in the first few pages and a bit of wobbliness but it started to improve during the later boxes. Great job B). But if you're looking for something to reinforce your line work I would also suggest the previous exercises from lesson 1.

5.Inner corner

I think you did a pretty decent job of fitting the back corners in but sometimes they were either diverging or very off. You can try to troubleshoot this by drawing the lines of your boxes in a different order. For example, before finishing the contour of your box go ahead and draw the inside lines but a simple tip is to look at the all the lines of the boxes and figure out where that back corner fits from that. Basically figuring out the relation between all the lines that are currently on the paper and finding out where those new lines fit in that said relationship(It's just like love).


Jokes aside I think you have still have a lot to improve on though its a long journey ahead so you'll have quite a lot of time. I definitely did see some improvement just from this so you are going in the right direction.

Next Steps:

Continue to do exercises from previous lessons to fix your weaknesses and reinforce those that you are getting the hang of

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8:52 PM, Tuesday October 12th 2021

thank you !

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