Lesson 4: Applying Construction to Insects and Arachnids

8:36 AM, Wednesday November 16th 2022

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Heya! If you may be so inclined you can review my homework and I'll be forever grareful. Thanks, and have a great day!

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4:31 PM, Sunday November 20th 2022

Good morning!!! I will take care of reviewing your homework.

Congratulations on finishing it; I will review it in parts for your better understanding:

Organic shapes with contours: the sausage shapes are well drawn, and the contour lines fit their surface. They really have a sense of three-dimensionality.

Insects: You can tell you put effort into the construction of each insect. They actually look pretty solid. The proportions also look adequate.

I can see that you draw each added shape well supported on top of the previous ones; also your lines are quite clean.

Of course, I can correct some details.

You may be making incorrect use of black.

In the scorpion, you have used black areas for the shadows but they look inconsistent. Some legs have shadows while the others have none; there are even shadows where the light should hit.

On the other hand, in the shrimp there is an excessive use of black, which hides the construction process. You should not add all the shadows or textures you see in your reference. Just add them where you feel they are important, meditatively.

I see that you have made his eye completely black as it is shown in the photo, this is like "photocopying". In our case it is not necessary because we ignore the color of the objects. We are only interested in its shape, in this case drawing it as a sphere without color would have been more effective.

Limit yourself to use areas of black or lineweight only to highlight some shapes over others, or to describe (slightly) the texture. In the fly there is so much lineweight that I can't even see where the wings are attached.

Finally I want to talk to you about the wasp. I dare say it is the best example here. Your shapes are simple and neat, the use of black was limited to the protruding shapes and slight shadows; also the intersections of one shape with the others is precise.

I would love it if you could apply those same aspects in the next lesson, you will need them.

I won't leave you revisions; you can move on to the next lesson anytime!

Good work.

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5:42 AM, Tuesday November 22nd 2022

Thank you man! Appreciate the feedback :D I must say I thought that the wasp was my worst, but I am going to try to apply what I learned from it in the next lesson. Thanks again! Have a great day!

12:18 PM, Friday November 25th 2022

Glad to have been of help!

Oh, and I wouldn't want to leave you in doubt about the wasp. I can tell it's a great example because it looks simple and clean.

Many times that's worth more than a chaos of shadows and details that overshadow the basics of the drawing.

Good day to you too!

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