250 Box Challenge

12:09 PM, Wednesday December 30th 2020

250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

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Hey there, thank you for deciding to review my work!

Just for info: I'm already aware that I made a mistake by drawing over the lines several times. I do know that but I'd love to hear some critique on other aspects too and also whether it would be better to continue the challenge with a few more boxes before I head on to Lesson 2!



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9:33 AM, Saturday January 2nd 2021

Hello, feedback for 250 Boxes.

Line quality - Definitely improves over the course of the whole challenge, it gets tighter and more confident; I'm pulling out pages #105 and #210 as examples of great linework you did.) The added lineweight looks a bit hesitant and hairy in places, but that's no big issue; in future, just ghost/draw one line and then leave it be, even if it goes off track. Limiting yourself to one added lineweight allows you to practice building confidence in this area. Also, just add lineweight to the outer silhouette, not to all of the edges. (it's a bit hard to tell from the pictures; if you just weighted the outer silhouette, that's great.) The hatching looks good as well. Keep using it as another way to practice drawing ghosted lines (from edge to edge).

Great work on the line quality overall.

Box construction - Well done. You drew a variety of different shapes and perspectives, that variety gives great practice for your construction methods.

The back corner will always be a pest, but I noticed that a few of the back corners are actually not realistic - 2 edges meet but the third edge doesn't. (Eg. #105 topmost box, #110 bottom right, #115 middle left, #120 upper right, #130 upper right, #130 bottom.) I'm not sure what drawing method you used, but make sure that all the 3 edges converge at the single back corner. Or, if you've already drawn 2 edges of the back corner, respect what you've already drawn and use it for the third edge, doesn't matter that it's going to cause a significant mistake/diverging line. It's better to have the back corner diverging away from the VP, than a back corner that isn't realistic at all. One way to improve the convergence of the back corners is to draw them earlier in the process: https://imgur.com/FGdtVwm - and make sure you're plotting the corners as dots first, before drawing the actual line.

There's no need to redo the boxes, but the principle "Respect the lines you've already drawn" becomes more important later in DaB (especially from L3 onwards), so best to learn that and use what lines you've already drawn -- and then improve on your next set of lines.

Overall, really good job, you've improved linework and box perspective across the whole challenge. Congrats on reaching the end of the gauntlet. When you've recovered from this box overload you can draw a few of them now and again during warmups, to keep that spatial understanding and construction fresh in your skills.

Next Steps:

Lesson 2 is next!

And why not join in giving community feedback to Lesson 1 and 250 Boxes, since it helps you improve your understanding of the techniques you've learnt. Elodin has made guides for giving feedback here: https://pastebin.com/u/elodab

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11:14 AM, Saturday January 2nd 2021

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'll definitely keep everything in mind next time I do some Warm Up, your feedback helped a lot. Especially, since I wasn't sure at all whether I really improved or not (artfrustation has been hitting me again).

I'll continue with Lesson 2 then, thank you so much!

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