A bit stuck on Lesson 2: Dissections, answers are greatly appreciated.

11:49 AM, Monday May 8th 2023

Hey guys, I've been stuck on dissections for a while (about 2-4 months), and have only made a little progress thus far.

I have some questions.

  1. Do I have to draw the sides? (I'm not sure what's the correct word for it, it's the tops (or sides) of the organic shapes after you cut off some parts.)

  2. I've seen the example using kiwis, but I don't think they have cast shadows. Does that mean I shouldn't use kiwi as one of my textures?

It would mean a lot if anyone is willing to answer, since I really want to push forward and stop being lazy. I will be trying to find some more textures that have cast shadows for now, thanks.

(I've only tried chocolate chip cookies and pinecones until now, still struggling to find others. Perhaps a lot of things have cast shadows, I just never noticed.)

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6:13 PM, Wednesday May 10th 2023
edited at 6:21 PM, May 10th 2023

Hello, I can try to offer some help.

  1. Yes, you draw the visible sides of your cross sections. Remember what you learned from the organic forms lesson and figure out which way the forms are turning - what sides you will see and which ones will be covered.

  2. Kiwis do have cast shadows. In fact, Uncomfortable draws kiwi texture and explains his process in the video for the Dissections lesson. It is long, but I would highly recommend watching it. The case could be the references you found don't have cast shadows or the cast shadows are very small and you aren't noticing them. Take a look at this image: https://www.britannica.com/plant/kiwi-fruit#/media/1/319772/120948 The cast shadows of the cut face fall darkest on the undersides of the seeds and in the divots between ridges running out from the center.

I would recommend checking out some Pinterest boards for ideas and reference images - there are quite a few to choose from.

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3:28 AM, Thursday May 11th 2023

Hello, thanks for taking your time to answer my questions.

After looking closely at the kiwi fruits, they indeed have cast shadows that I have failed to see, thanks a lot for pointing that out.

Will also check out Uncomfortable's video on that and the pinterest board, thanks again for answering.

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