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1:22 PM, Saturday March 6th 2021

Hi, congratulations for finishing lesson 1 :)

Here's what I think about your work:


Most of your lines are confident and smooth, good job.

In the superimposed lines exercise some of the longer lines are a bit wobbly, it's important to not hesitate when drawing longer lines and treat them the same as short lines i.e. use ghosting method, put down a stroke quickly and draw from the shoulder. There is also fraying at both ends of the lines, take your time to place the pen carefully at the beginning of the line. Fraying at the end is normal at this stage however.


Your ellipses are also drawn smoothly and with confidence.

The table of ellipses is very neat, with most of the ellipses touching each other and the table without overlap. It would have been nice to have bigger sections of the table so you can practise drawing bigger/taller ellipses. Similarly you would have benefited from some larger planes in the ghosted planes exercise to practise drawing ellipses in a variety of sizes.


Again, your boxes could be bigger to have more variation in size. I think this is caused by you doing the exercises in landscape not portrait, restricting the height.

Don't repeat lines if they go off-course, as you do in the organic perspective exercise. Just keep the original line as if you meant to place it there and move on. Repeating lines makes your work look messier.

Otherwise, really good attempts on the rotated boxes and organic perspective. There are some perspective issues but you will improve during the 250 box challenge.

I hope you find this helpful :)

Next Steps:

Try the 250 boxes challenge next, good luck!

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4:23 PM, Friday March 12th 2021

Thank you so much for taking the time to rate my homework ^_^

Ill take every recommendation that you gave me

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