Advice for those starting the 250 box challenge

7:57 PM, Monday July 6th 2020

Hey! I finished the 250 boxes challenges a few days ago and this was a really hard challenge for me, but I learned a lot with it, besides the content related to perspective. I was critiquing one user in the lesson 1 and I was thinking about some advices I'd like to give him. So, there are some advices that I would give, and if you want to contribute to this - even about some other challenge, help me adding some advice that you think that will help.

1. The 50% rule is more important that you think. This rule will receive almost every credit for you finish the challenge. Believe me: you won't be able to draw boxes for days, or weeks, every day, without drawing something that you really enjoy. This will give you strength to finish this challenge.

2. Draw as much as possible with the shoulder, even if you have difficulties with that. This challenge will improve a lot this skill, and will help you to see your development. Your lines in the first box will not be the same as the last box.

3. Plan how many days you want to finish this challenge and how many boxes you need to draw to achieve this goal. The inconstancy really hinders us to end this challenge in a faster way, which can discourage you. Some days you will not want to do this challenge, and you'll want to quit. But if you plan to draw x boxes per day, maybe this will help you to see how closer you are to finish this challenge and will help you to be constant. And remember: defines a realistic goal. Have the goal to draw 50 boxes per day will make it more difficult than helping. This will frustrate you. Your goal must be finish the challenge, not finish in x days.

4. Do the best you can in all the boxes. When drawing a box becomes automatic, you start to be more careless about them: not using your shoulder, not gosthing the line, your lines start to be a little wobbling, you fail more than usual in the lines towards vanishing point etc. Be careful with that. If you are being negligent about it, your growth will not be the same as it could have been if you had done your best.

PS: Sorry for any grammatical errors. I'm not fluent in English.

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3:19 AM, Tuesday July 7th 2020

Hi, I just want to say thank you for the advice. I will be starting the 250 box challenge today which I shouldv'e done weeks ago. I'll keep these in mind as I go.

2:24 PM, Tuesday July 7th 2020

Hi, Nikovertus. I'm glad to help! I hope these advices will be useful to you. Good challenge!

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12:32 AM, Sunday July 12th 2020

I am planning to do the challenge soon and your advice comes as a ring to my finger. Thank you so much

7:44 PM, Sunday July 12th 2020

Hi, Nadeischco! I'm glad that those advices are being helpful to you. Good luck in the challenge!

6:22 PM, Wednesday July 15th 2020

Thank you. I'm try my best.

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4:30 PM, Wednesday July 8th 2020

JORDANASZA, thank you for the great advice. I am on box number 30 right now, and your advice is already helping. Thank you!

4:55 PM, Wednesday July 8th 2020

Hey, Battleground! It is so good to see that these advices are being useful to you! I'm glad to help. Good luck in the challenge!

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12:02 AM, Tuesday July 28th 2020

Finding a lot of truth in your post! I started the 250 box challenge a few days ago and it has surprised me how long it's taken to do so far! To add to number 3 and 4, when I start to notice im getting careless/tired/grouchy with my boxes, that't the time I decide to either stop for the day and draw for fun or take a VERY long break (or nap).

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