250 Box Challenge

5:26 PM, Friday March 18th 2022

250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/STU8sn3.jpg

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Was suprisingly fun. Learned a LOT from this challenge. Was lost at the end of Lesson 1 but this challenge clarified everything for me.

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12:47 AM, Tuesday March 29th 2022

Hi Kartvegas my name is trollfromhell,first of all i really like your boxes because they look clean and neat i am impressed by that anyway can you tell me what pen u use to draw ur boxes ???

first of all your lines are very confident and they are not wobbly also i think when you put line weights for your boxes u should choose one side of the boxes only just look at this https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/980a575e.jpg

and your extending lines are good eventhough they are not converging to the vp,the more u draw boxes the more u will get better at sensing where the vp also keep in mind lines are converging in pairs as shown here https://imgur.com/KSHwTwo

and i want u to take a look at this https://i.imgur.com/8PqQLE0.png this picture shows u that the further the box is from vp the degree of each lines will be nearly 90 degree or close enough like a straight line but on the other hand the closer the box to vp the degree of the lines will become very small or less than 90 degree (i hope u get what i mean)

also if you want to try another way to tackle inner corner issue since lines coverging in pairs use this as an example https://imgur.com/a/DHlA3Jh i personally havent tried this way but if you want give your shot do it

also pay attention to the similar orientation of the boxes

this picture will show u how boxes rotate and the way our eyes see boxes from different angle https://imgur.com/Kqg6uMX

keep in mind u should draw from imagination ok,so use that as your refrence and think boxes rotate in your mind

lastly i want u to draw 30 boxes more with shallow vanishing points (the vp is far from the box)

also just like i have give you my critique can you also give agreement to my homework submission ??? https://drawabox.com/community/submission/LVP3J18 it'd be helpful to me too


Next Steps:

30 boxes more

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
1:09 PM, Friday April 8th 2022

Thank you for the clear and detailed critique TrollFromHell!!! I really appreciate it!

I tried to tackle the inner corner issue using the method you provided. It helped a bit but I need to practice it more.

Here are the 30 more boxes: https://imgur.com/a/GqldKPD

For the first pages, I tried to go the other extreme and put the VP really far off the page, then gradually come closer to the edges of the boxes.

I was messing up a lot but kind of got the hang of it towards the end.

Thanks again!!!

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