Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:54 AM, Saturday February 8th 2020

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Here's my lesson 1 homework, already got critique on reddit.

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10:09 PM, Sunday February 9th 2020
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I'm personally not very confident with giving critique and might get a bit nit picky with some parts but lets give it a shot.

Looking at the super imposed lines i see some bumps here and there, but those can be fixed if you use your shoulder more.

The ghosted lines are definitely not easy when staring out and looking at them i see you make the curved or they are wobbly. The curved ones are there because you use your elbow while doing the line. If you notice that you tend curve to either the left or right, go slightly into the other direction to counteract it.

The wobbly lines show that they are not done with confidence and you try to reach the end no matter what. Instead of focusing on the end point too much, go for the whole line and ghost, ghost the line till you think you're ready and make that mark. Uncomfy made a comic about it too that might explain it a bit better

I'm not sure if you noticed but the ghosted planes aren't there.

Moving on to the ellipses, these are generally well done. Though be careful not to go halfway through them for example this one they should be snuggly next to eachother like you did with these two. Overall you did do a decent job and i can see you have control over your ellipses,

Now your ellipses in planes. Your ellipses here show once again you have controll over your ellipses, which is very good too see! Some however just miss the mark. Don't forget to ghost and sometimes ghost slow first to hit the corners can work. then you ghost faster and faster till you feel confident and make your mark. The planes definitely have gotten straighter but some still are wobbly here. Don't forget to ghost until you are ready to make your mark.

Your ellipses are snuggly here but don't follow entirely follow the minor axis. A little trick i found out that might work is ghosting your ellipse slowly and check if the ghosting aligns with the minor axis.

Now for the final stretch, the boxes.

Your plotted perspective is pretty well done other than a few minor mistakes.

Going to rough perspective i see you have a lot of trouble going to the vanishing point. When doing perspective freehanded it's important to ghost to the vp to the point you are sure you can make your mark. It's okay if you rotate your page as some angles are incredibly and unnecessarily difficult when done without.

Looking at your rotated boxes, they aren't that bad. the boxes on the side and the extreme ones are a bit elongated but thats okay. One major thing is that they boxes don't go through each other like the example. But that's okay for now, this exercise is not easy.

Finally your organic perspective. Not sure why you made 3 pages while the required homework is 2 but lets go.

It's good to see that you go from small boxes to big as if they get closer to you. Some boxes in the smaller ones are bigger however, breaking the illusion that its far away. It's also a bit crowded making the boxes harder to stand alone and breaking the illusion. But most importantly, you should go through your boxes. This way you make sure where you know where the box is in space.

All in all, you're work is decent and i see you clearly put a effort into the exercises.

I'd say put these exercises into your daily warm-up which is 15 minutes and contains 2 or 3 of them. Work a bit on those lines. re-read if needed and move on to the 250 box challenge .

Next Steps:

If you're ready, do the 250 box challenge. it's recommended you do this before you move to lesson 2.

It will be difficult, But if you put effort in it you can make it!

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6:19 PM, Monday February 10th 2020

Thanks for such a comprehensive critique!

9:38 PM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

No problem and good luck in the future

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12:55 PM, Saturday February 8th 2020

Steady your lines mate. A revisit to exersise 1 for warmups will do you wonders.

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