250 Cylinder Challenge

11:15 AM, Tuesday June 23rd 2020

Draw a box 250 Cylinder Challenge part 1 150 around an arbitrary Minor Axis. - Album on Imgur

: http://imgur.com/a/qUKkm6D

Post with 14 views. Draw a box 250 Cylinder Challenge part 1 150 around ...


it's been a year since I started Drawabox. I took a break to do other art-related things. I now decided to get back into it.

I am aware that the colours which outline the correct trajectory of the vanishing points aren't very visible. If you think it needs to be done again, I am willing to make that extra effort.

here's the other link for the rest.


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Admittedly this is one of the few recommendations that are second-hand, as I've never had the pleasure of working through Stan Prokopenko's videos. That said, I have seen enough to know that they're highly accessible, and tackle figure drawing with an approach steeped in form and construction. They're also some of the most widely used figure drawing resources on the internet, with a wealth of free content to peruse.

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