250 Cylinder Challenge

6:42 AM, Sunday August 20th 2023

250 cylinders - Album on Imgur

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No matter how many times I upload this and make sure the "mature content" box is not checked, it claims it could be 18+ stuff. (Sigh)

Yeah no, just cylinders and boxes here!

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6:48 PM, Sunday October 1st 2023


Congrats on doing the cylinder challenge! I know it's been a while since you've posted this, but I'm gonna take a look at what you've done just in case it would help.

The way I looked over your work is in increments of 50; I tried to take a look at your cylinders, 50 of them at a time, and gathered my general thoughts on each pool of 50. Some of your pages were out-of-order, so I might've missed some pages per pool, but I think my points still stand.


You demonstrate nice confidence in lines, with both your ellipses and straight lines, which is good. Speaking of good, you're great at seeing patterns in what stumps you, and experimenting more with those more challenging things.

In general, your ellipses aren't perfect (and they probably never will be (and that's OK!!)), but they're generally clean, which is exactly what you want to be aiming for. You should aim to tighten your ellipses just a little more.


Sometimes the sides of your cylinders can miss the mark a little (ex. 95 not hitting the other side, 57 slightly overextending). The same comments about your ellipses that I made for cylinders 1-50 stand true here as well.


Something I would recommend you to do is to play with more direct-facing cylinders (ex. 103, 124), as you tend to struggle a little more with getting their ellipses' minor axes aligned to the form's minor axis.


Some of your earlier cylinders in boxes are missing the correction lines relating to the ellipses' points of contact with the edges of their respective planes. This is fixed with your later ellipses in boxes, which is good. It's a good habit to re-read the assignment's instructions each time you start a "new phase" of an assignment.

Understandably, some ellipses begin to loosen up a little when trying to fit them within boxes (162, 194), but you were able to keep a strong level of confidence for the most part.

Some of the sides of your cylinders don't converge consistently with your boxes (162, 151, 194), but that can be a direct result of not perfectly fitting your ellipses within your planes- a skill that'd develop with time.


Your ellipses seem to loosen up a little more here (219, 222, 228), but, in turn, the marks you make in perspective converge really well. Nothing stuck out to me that much in terms of having an incorrect perspective. Of course, there are some little mishaps here-and-there, but I can tell that you were able to pick up on them (like with 239, 240). I would just say to continue to fine tune your sense of perspective with objects in space.

All-in-all, I can tell that you've spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into this challenge, and I think that you're ready to move on. Keep practicing your sense of perspective, and, if you are to use this as an exercise in the future, play with more direct-facing and longer-in-length cylinders.

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3:54 PM, Tuesday October 3rd 2023

Thank you very much! This was very helpful!

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