Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

5:42 AM, Wednesday January 20th 2021

Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes - Album on Imgur

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Sorry if my lines look a bit too thin for some images. My micron pen was drying out at the time but I just bought more. I also had to edit most images to make them a little more easier to look at them.

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9:53 PM, Sunday January 31st 2021

Hey Techartbg120,

Overall, I would say you have understood the intention of the exercises and are ready to move forward.

With your superimposed lines, remember to take your time positioning your pen at the start of your line. You have some fraying at the beginning of many lines which suggests you may have rushed this step a little.

It's good to see you drawing through your ellipses. Many of your ellipses in the "Ellipses in Planes" exercise didn't touch all four sides of the planes, but that is in no way crucial at this point and accuracy will come with time! Just remember to ghost your ellipses and take your time moving forward.

With your rough perspective exercise, you should extend your depth lines (the ones in blue) all the way to the horizon line and no further. The purpose of extending the lines is to see how close you were to the vanishing point, which sits on the horizon line. Extending them further doesn't have any benefit and can make it a bit more confusing for you!

You did a good job with your rotated boxes (which is a very difficult exercise, so well done!) and kept them nice and close together. Your organic perspective started off a little distorted but I can see you improved over the course of your two pages so good job there too!

Well done. I say you are ready for the 250 Boxes challenge.

Next Steps:

250 Boxes Challenge

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5:36 AM, Monday February 1st 2021

Thank you very much for your helpful critique! I was getting worried I wouldn't be receiving any critique at all haha. But anyway thanks again it made me feel better! :D

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