Hey there, I'm Meta and I'll be your TA today, so let's get started.


Starting with your superimposed lines, you're doing a good job of lining your pen up with the starting point and keeping these confident. This confidence carries over into your ghosted lines and planes as well and these exercises are generally well done. There's a tiny bit of arcing present in the ghosted lines, particularly in the longer lines - this is normal and this page offers some advice on how to counteract this.


Next, your tables of ellipses are showing a good amount of confidence for the most part and I'm glad to see that you're drawing through them the requisite 2-3 times, you've also got a good amount of variation in the shapes and sizes of your ellipses. The smaller ellipses are particularly wobbly compared to the others however, so make sure you're not slowing down too much or drawing these with your wrist. Your ellipses in planes are very confident and you're generally getting pretty accurate in hitting the four sides of the plane whilst still prioritising confident markmaking. I would suggest that you limit your drawing through the ellipse 2 times because your pen seems to be particularly dark/heavy. Finally, your funnels are looking good with most of your ellipses generally pretty well aligned to the minor axis.


Your rough perspective exercise is looking pretty good - you've done a good job keeping the horizontals parallel and verticals perpendicular to the horizon line and you've correctly applied the error checking method. Your line confidence did take a little hit here and I can see little wobbles introducing themselves into your line work, so make sure you're still taking the time to plan and execute confidently. Your rotated boxes are looking good - you're keeping the gaps between the boxes tight and consistent, which has given you good cues about where to place the next one as well as managing a good amount of rotation.

Finally, your organic perspective exercise is looking really cool - you've done a great job varying up the size and shape of your boxes and especially with the overlapping. The boxes themselves are diverging a bit in places however this exercise is simply an introduction to the concepts you'll explore in depth in the 250 box challenge.