First of all, sorry your critique took this much. Been busy with university so couldn't make time to make much critiques.


They flow pretty nicely, though some don't grow much as they get towards the viewer as you can see here.

Your lineweight looks a bit wobbly as well. Remember that confident lines are better than wobbly lines, no matter how off they are. So draw your lineweight with confident superimposed lines, ghosted and drawn with the shoulder.


Try to work additively whenever you can. (You cut into some leaves). You should approach bottom left leaf just like you did on the top left. Construct as individual leaves, and then join them after it. For texture, approach it just like in lesson 2, focus on drawing only cast shadows, and work from reference. Avoid hatching as much as you can as well.


They look pretty good, only thing is that your ellipses aren't shifting much. Try to think about how the branch changes its position in it's relation to the viewer, and how that affects its degrees

And into plants, you're doing mostly a good job. I want to point out a few things however.

First one is that you your demos should constitute a maximum of 3 pages. And it's 5 in your case, so you should have done 2 more pages.

One of the main things I see is that you are trying to go over all your "finished parts" of your drawing with a heavier line weight, trying to undermine the construction lines. Don't do this. Construction lines are as important as those finished lines, so they should have the same lineweight. It's okay to go over some lines once to clarify overlaps, or to emphasize specific parts, but don't go over everything just because it's part of the finished drawing.

Other part is capping stuff off. In your pitcher demo for example, you have some lines floating. Never do that, you should have capped it off with an ellipse, as those floating lines completely break the illusion of 3d.