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7:50 AM, Tuesday August 4th 2020

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Here are my 25 boxes:

I was honestly a bit upset when I read that you wanted me to draw more boxes XD but I'm really glad you did, because once I used the extended line after each page, I realised where things are going wrong... namely, the intersection at the back. I still seem to have issues with this, but I think being aware is a good first step. I'm very grateful that you pointed this out to me. Thanks a lot.

11:41 PM, Tuesday August 4th 2020

I'm glad you followed though with what I asked! I can see nice improvement just form these pages so here's some further notes:

With the back corner issue, which is pretty common, it happens because of the small mistakes from the rest of the box adding up and the result is the back corner.

This method of constructing boxes helps some people avoid the back corner issue and thinking of your parallel lines in relation to eachother and not just their relation to the vanishing point as illustrated here will also improve your construction.

Next Steps:

Keep practicing making boxes in your warmups so you can continue to progress in skill. I see you've already completed lesson 2, so goodluck with the next step in your journey after that!

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5:57 AM, Wednesday August 5th 2020

Thanks a lot. I will continue to draw boxes and hopefully I'll be able to overcome the back corner issue one day. Thanks for the handy reference as well. Will keep that in mind :) Thanks again

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