Well done for completing Lesson 1! Very nicely done, so just a few quick notes from me:


Your linework is veery confident which is good. It’s nice to see that in the ghosted lines section you attempted some whole page width lines. Be careful that you don’t repeat lines (as in ghosted planes section) and be careful not to overshoot on both ends when drawing a ghosted line - place the pen down as close to the starting point as possible.


In general your ellipses are quite confident (especially in the ellipses in planes section), although some have a bit of wobble (most obvious in the tables of ellipses and funnels sections). Make sure to draw confidently, using your shoulder and don’t rush.


Plotted perspective is nice and clean. On the rough perspective try to draw the horizontal lines parallel to the horizon line - some do tend to skew. Rotated boxes is good but you’re missing the outermost corner boxes.

Well done!