Solid improvement and focus! Sometimes the top plane diverges, ex 9, 10, 246, so I suggest you focus on those and rotate the page to see if that helps identify the vp's. I liked your 2 vp perspective boxes, ex 234. Occassionally the back corner has planes that have diverging lines, ex 224. I encourage you to visualize those back planes and rotate the page to ensure they make sense.

I think you're ready to move on to lesson 2 and I'm going to make this complete. I'm in your cohort too, so I could be wrong. If you're able to take a look at my 250 box submission(, I would appreciate it!

Also love your hatching! I can tell you spent time to get those lines solid. is the diagram that the official critques offer, ex: and


9 diverge

nice hatching!

234 dope (2vp perspective)

224 some times back corner diverges. Think about the planes to help

Show improvement and focus!