Drawing a 'perfect' cube

11:56 PM, Thursday September 24th 2020

I'm currently slogging through the 250 cylinders challenge and realize I don't understand how to actually draw a perfect cube (or at least near abouts).

What are the variables I need to know to adjust my box to make it equilateral in 3d space using 3 point perspective?

Do the total angles of certain corners need to equal a specific value? Or do I need to foreshorten certain planes to account for my initial corner block in?

It's really making this challenge seem impossible seeing as I can't get an accurate shell down to construct a good ellipse inside. Furthermore, checking for mistakes almost seems pointless as i fall short from the start of construction.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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1:20 AM, Friday September 25th 2020

For this challenge you should only rely on your eye. Basically, if you can't fit the ellipse into the box correctly (touching the contact points and following the minor axis), it will mean that the box ends aren't squares. Use that knowledge to modify them over and over, and by trial and error you will naturally start to get better at it.

On lesson 7 you will learn how to construct a cube with ellipse guides, but for this challenge like I said the objective is to train your eye, so keep pushing through and doing your best to do it. Good luck!

4:47 AM, Friday September 25th 2020

thanks man will keep pushing through! got lesson 6 next which looks intense haha.

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