Mariya Takeuchi | ink on 8x11 print paper

5:51 PM, Friday September 3rd 2021

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This art piece took a long time for me and is one of the first art pieces I've done since last year. I utilized lesson 2's idea of texture to help me create this. I made white a number of mistakes like the face, however, I am proud of this. Please feel free to admire or critique.

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3:17 AM, Monday September 6th 2021

Hey, I really like the pair of opposite textures that you made with the flowy, almost feathery hair and the face.

I recommend that you avoid telling that you made mistakes upfront; that doesn't help "selling" your piece, though I honestly was surprised when I saw the good quality of your work.

6:00 PM, Sunday September 26th 2021


Appreciate it. I will try to be more humble toward myself. I tend to highlight my mistakes early on as a defense mechanism against harsh criticism. However, it is useful to learn how to allow the drawing to sit there and be observed. thank you for the advice!

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