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9:54 PM, Monday June 6th 2022
edited at 9:55 PM, Jun 6th 2022

1. Lines

Superimposed Lines: Good confidence in your lines, but some slight wobble is present.

Ghosted Lines: (Slight) Arching is present.

Ghosted Planes: Almost no arching is present in most of your lines, but some lines do show it.

2. Ellipses

Table of Ellipses: Some ellipses go slightly out of bounds, some ellipses also overlap each other.

Ellipses in Planes: Few ellipses go slightly out of bounds. Good confidence and accuracy.

Funnels: The minor axis splits the ellipses fairly consitently, there are one or two that are lopsided or egg shaped.

3. Boxes

Plotted Perspective: The exercise was completed accurately.

Rough Perspective: Same errors as the lines section(s). Also remember that vertical lines are perpendicular to the horizon, and that the horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon..

Rotated Boxes: Corners are kept close (good)

y-1 the box is barely rotating

y+1 the box doesn't appear to be rotating correctly (https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/d73eea49.jpg)

Organic Perspective: Try to keep the 'Y' above 90 degrees so the boxes don't look too distorted (this appears on some of the boxes). Slight arcing and wobble is also present in a few of your lines.

Next Steps:

Keep doing good warmups, and these issues will go away.

Good Luck On The 250 Boxes.


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6:35 AM, Thursday June 9th 2022

Thank you for your time and helpful feedback!


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7:36 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022

Hi there,

congratulations on finishing lesson 1 and thanks for submitting, I'll be reviewing your homework. I hope my feedback helps you.

Superimposed lines

Your lines are straight and confident and are fraying on just one end. It also looks like you repeated them 8 times and drew from your shoulder. Good job.

You have the tendency to slightly curve your lines, so keep that in mind. I'd add this exercise to your warmup to improve accuracy.

ghosted lines

Nicely done. Your lines are straight and confidently executed. You they still curve a little, especially towards the ends of the line. That's not a bad thing per se and it'll get better the more you draw, don't fokus your training on it though. Always remember that in DaB confidence goes over accuracy.

ghosted planes

Good job. You took your time and drew confident and not-wobbly lines. It also looks like you ghosted them thorougly and drew from your shoulder. I'd also add this to your warmup to increase accuracy.

tables of ellipses

You drew confident lines and drew through your ellipses twice. Your ellipses fit snugly next to each other and vary slightly in size, orientation and degree. Good job. I'd add this to your warm up as well to improve accuracy. Try to vary especially the degree a little more and draw really thin ellipses etc.

ellipses in planes

Your ellipses are smooth and have an even shape. They usually touch all the borders, nicely done. I'd also add this to your warmup.


Your ellipses are nicely aligned to the minor axis (exept for the one in the corner: Your minor axis should cut your ellipse in two identical halves, so you have to rotate your ellipse according to the minor axis!) and fit snugly inside the funnel. You even varied their degree. Good job.

plotted perspective

Your boxes aren't distorted and it looks like you understand the concept of horizon lines and vanishing points. Well done.

rough perspective

You used one point perspective and all the lines that go off into the distance converge towards the vanishing point. Make sure all horizontal lines run perfectly parallel to the horizon and all vertical lines run perfectly perpendicular to the horizon. Your lines are a bit wobbly as well. It looks like you understand the concept though.

Make sure to really tke your time with exercises like this, you will learn so much more. Ghost your lines thoroughly to the vanishing point and don't rush this step. Speed comes naturally the more you do it (when I first did this exercise it took me ~10 min per box!). I'd also add this exercise to your warmup to improve patience and accuracy.

rotated boxes

Your boxes are snugly next to each other, you drew through them and actually rotated them. Well done.

organic perspective

Your boxes are freely rotated in space and get smaller the further away you get. It also looks like you ghosted your lines. Good job here als well.

Note for the warmups: You don't have to do all the "marked" exercises in every warm up. Do 2-3 in one warm up and in the next one switch them around and do others.

You did a really good job completing this lesson and I think you understood all the concepts. Feel free to move onto the 250 box challenge.

I wish someone had reminded me of this back then, so here's some (rather general) stuff I learned. I hope it helps you in some way:

  • Remember the 50% rule. This challenge takes a lot of time and effort and you'll burn out/lose motivation if you don't do something for yourself as well.

  • You didn't do this, but I still want to mention this: don't erase wrong lines/draw correct ones over top. If your line is incorrect, mark the correct ending point and draw the rest of your lines correct (you don't learn anything correcting lines, so it just wastes time)

  • Take your time with the exercises, especially the box challenge. You'll learn a lot more if you take your time. DaB in general is a marathon and not a sprint. It really helped me to set my goal to "draw x minutes each day" instead of "draw x boxes a day". The amount of boxes you manage during that time will increase the further you get. It also helped me to do DaB at a specific time slot each day.

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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7:39 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022

eh... sorry, for some reason the website didn't show me beardiedevs review. I totally agree with them though. good job and sorry for the double rewiev

6:41 AM, Wednesday June 29th 2022

Hi, no problem at all. I really appreciate you taking the time to review my homework. Thanks as well for the general advice at the end as well - really useful and reminded me to be patient and not rush.

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