Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

2:41 PM, Sunday October 30th 2022

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hi this is my submission for the lesson 1 homework and i would very much appreciate any feedback i can receive on this :)

one thing i'd like to say is that i have a tendency to accidentally put pen to paper whilst ghosting. i'm trying to work on this but i apologise if the multidue of lines causes anything to be hard to make out

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4:00 AM, Monday October 31st 2022

Hello, I'm here to teach you on what you can improve and critique your work.

Starting off with our line exercises, you are not planning enough to make your marks cleanly and confidently as you should, and thus they're coming out wobbly. When Ghosting, you're allowed to Take as much time as you personally need until you're comfortable with the line you're making through both muscle memory and your shoulder. You can ghost the mark at whatever speed is most comfortable to you, all that matters is that you're able to put your pen to paper and push through knowing you're able to tackle the mark infront of you. Accuracy is always secondary to making your line clean, so don't worry about it as your priority when executing marks.

When it comes to the ellipses, make sure that you're drawing them tightly within the boundries they're in such as in the table of ellipses exercise, avoid empty negative spaces in your boxes. Secondly, you should make sure more to draw through your ellipses, drawing them 2 or 3 times rather than the single time when you put your pen to paper.

When it comes to your Rotated boxes, you did a good job lining them up but when it comes to actual perspective you seem to be placing your boxes vertically and horizontally past the first rotation on the same vanishing point instead of actually rotating them. Remember that when a box rotates the convergence either shrinks or grows depending on how far from the vanishing point it is. This diagram should give you a better understanding on the topic to keep in the pocket.

Next Steps:

Please move onto 250 Boxes, the work done there should help you practice your ghosting and develop your perspective which is vital going into the lessons ahead.

Good luck and have fun, take your time and enjoy the journey over the destination. Godspeed Box Warrior.

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5:24 PM, Monday October 31st 2022

Hello and thank you very much! I /did/ notice what you mentioned in the rotated boxes exercise but i wasn't sure how to fix it, but that resource you attached is very useful so thank you ^_^

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