Hey Loopy! Really nice work getting through the whole challenge. 250 boxes ain't nothing to sneeze at, so this is always an admirable feat.

At the beginning, your linework is strong and you maintain this consistency throughout the rest of the challenge, which is great to see. Your superimposed lines become stronger as well in the sense that you're applying lineweight more steadily, although I believe you could benefit from applying the ghosting technique a little more liberally at this part. You're getting a bit of a wobble as you try to match your second line to your first, which is understandable, but you want to maintain consistency as you go.

You convergences have a lot of stray lines to start, but you start to correct this pretty quickly as you go through the challenge. Each sets starts to converge very consistently, until the end when you have virtually no stray or diverging lines. Really nice work there! I think this challenge did you a lot of good.

Check out these notes. We like link them at the end of every challenge as a matter of course; they're less guidance and more a tool that may help you improve further, or confirm conclusions you came to during the course of the challenge. They go the angle of each line as they approach the box and how keeping an eye on this relationship could improve your convergences. Also, considering each line in relation to the lines with which it shares a vanishing point rather than the lines with which it shares a plane or a corner could do the same.