Hello, Fishingguppy! I’ve broken down the critique below:

Things well done:

You extended lines in the correct direction. They all tracked back to the general direction of the Vanishing Point.

The hatching is neat and tidy - it appears you spent time on them instead of rushing, which is good. In the same manner, the addition of lineweight this early on is good - the lines are confident without wobbles.

Things to improve on:

Some of the boxes’ lines diverge from the VP (for example boxes 124’s blue lines, 142’s red lines and the whole box of 214). Keep in mind that each set of lines should travel towards the same point, not away from it.

Most of the boxes are set at a very dramatic orientation with lots of intense foreshortening. In the future, try drawing the boxes with shallower foreshortening. In addition, some boxes (like 133) are very, very extreme and it’s a bit hard to tell which face is which. This can be because of the size at which they’re being drawn and also the initial “Y” shape you start with. A general rule of thumb is this: all the angles of the “Y” should not be less than 90 degrees.

Lastly, the inner corners can be tough to master, so here is a process that may help with that: https://imgur.com/a/DHlA3Jh

All in all, these boxes were well done! There is a visible improvement as you progress to the more recent boxes. The key thing to remember are that the sets of lines should converge and not diverge. Don't worry about perfection - Uncomfortable doesn't expect it and neither should you. I agree that we should set schedules that are realistic and consistent. And yes, warmups are sooo important for artists! Hope this critique helped :)