Lesson 4: Applying Construction to Insects and Arachnids

4:39 AM, Saturday February 8th 2020

Drawabox - Lesson 4 - Album on Imgur

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Had a lot of fun with this assignment and it gave me a lot more confidence in my drawing journey. As always feedback is most welcome!


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4:40 PM, Saturday February 22nd 2020
edited at 4:12 PM, Feb 23rd 2020

Starting with your organic forms, you got a few of them that dont adhere to the simple forms we're aiming for. Rememeber they should be 2 identical balls connected by a tube of consistent width.

You got some pinching and others bulging, so try to work on that. While you have shifted some of the ellipses of the organic forms, you haven't done in all of them, which hints me you might not be understanding the purpose of the contours/ellipses they have.

I recommend giving a look at the page of this exercise again.

Into your insect drawings, they got issues. Although they do look pretty, you're skipping important steps in this lesson and drawabox as a whole.

-Always draw through your forms. Being it legs or abdomen or heads, you need to draw them entirely. after drawing ball-like forms for the head and abdomen for example, you can define a intersection between them to clarify their relationship. but thats after drawing each form entirely. same with the legs. if you draw a leg with 2 sausages, you need to start from where the leg starts on the body, even if its covered on the reference and you cant see it.

Just like with the head and abdomen, if you got a leg with 2 sausages you need to draw each sausage separately, and then draw a contour line to clarify the relationship between them.

-Other important thing is the use of contour lines. Use at least a contour for each form you have, or those forms will remain flat on the page.

-Another important thing is size. You've been doing one bug per page, which is good, but make sure it fills the whole page. For that, you can place dots as guidelines to mark the overall proportions.

-Lastly, is detail. for detail you should never use hatching lines. This is something clarified and explained better on the new texture lessons of lesson 2, so go look at them if you can.

To sum up, all the detail we mark down on the subjects has to be copied from the reference's cast shadows, same approach we took in lesson 2 texture exercises.

The detail should be used as a tool to show how does the surface we're drawing detail is. Not just to show form, as in other courses. Here, contour lines and drawing through the form does that job. So shading with that purpose doesn't add anything to the drawing. Remember the objective of this exercises is to show how those subjects are in 3d space, it is not to draw pretty drawings.

Next Steps:

That said, I want you to do 2 more pages of bugs to see how you do after the things I commented all, I recommend going through the demos again if you arent sure of something lf the things I mentioned. Feel free to ask me any question if you have one, and good luck keep it up!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 4:12 PM, Feb 23rd 2020
3:58 AM, Monday February 24th 2020

Hey thanks again for the feedback. I did some revisions tonight. I feel like I am going backwards? I feel like my proportions are really off. In addition to the bugs I redid the organic form with contours. Was not happy on how far I missed the mark on those. Revisions are located here https://imgur.com/a/WJA1EOA

As always thank you again for your patience and taking the time to review my work.

9:56 PM, Monday February 24th 2020

Alright! Don't worry about that! You've already improved on understanding the concepts on this lesson!

I'm going to go over your drawings one by one, the first 2 exercises, the sausages, they've improved, but you still got a bit of bulging, remember, they're 2 balls connected by a tube of consistent width. I redlined some of your sausages so it remained a bit more clear.

For your insect drawings, they have certainly improved, but I still want to point a few things out.

The first one is overuse of contour lines. When drawing the legs, it is enough with drawing a single contour line in the intersection of the sausages. Adding more will make the drawing look more confusing, so don't do it. Draw also through your forms. It's important that, even if it isn't shown in the subject, you draw where the forms intersect. For example, in your mantis, you didn't show how the neck intersected with the body, or where did the legs come from. I drew a bit over your drawing to show how to approach the intersections thingy, both between sausages, and between body parts.

Pointed out more things here. It's mainly the same concept, but just to make sure it's clear. Draw through all your forms. I need to be able to see where the legs come from, where do the body masses intersect, and see all the forms of your subjects.

Next Steps:

I can see clear improvement, you're doing great! But I want to see 2 more insect drawings again, keeping in mind what I said and drawing through your forms. Good luck on your last drawings, and keep up the good work!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
11:12 PM, Thursday February 27th 2020

Hey man,

Sorry for the delay been down with a cold the past couple days. Good to take a break from DaB once in awhile to recharge the batteries.

Back on the wagon though and took a crack at those bug revisions. Drawings are located here. https://imgur.com/a/D76v3UY

I tried something different with these this time. I drew a lot lighter first to get the proportions right then went back over. Not sure if that is breaking any rules. But it really helped.

As always thank you for your continued feedback and support. I am fully dedicated to completing DaB then moving back to 2d Digital Painting which is my ultimate goal. This community has been so fantastic.

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