Hi Pikscarots,

Good job on completing lesson 1! I think you did well overall, but let's take a quick look at the different exercises:


Your lines are confident and straight for the most part, well done!

You drew fairly long lines for the superimposed lines exercise, so it is natural that they fray towards the end. I noticed the "horizontal" comment on the second page. Since you were supposed to turn your page to the perfect angle every time for this exercise it should not matter how the lines are oriented on the page. Please do so in the future, if you weren't already.

There's a bit more wobbling in the ghosted planes exercise, but still well within reason for this lesson.


Your ellipses are drawn according to the instructions and you are already doing a great job at keeping them tightly fit within the bounds. The lines do not overlap yet in many of them, but that will come with practice. Interestingly enough it seems to me as though you find it easier to get the two lines of the ellipse to match when the ellipse is close to a circle and your lines are further apart for more oblong ones. No need to redo anything here, but I recommend doing these in particular as a warm-up for future lessons.

One thing to note about the funnels exercise is that your center line sometimes is not actually centered between the two curves. If you do this one again in the future (again as a warm-up), it is best to measure the exact middle before you draw the line.


Here you are really starting to run into trouble with the pen that you are using. There are many smudged lines and other accidental marks and it affects the overall look of your pages greatly. I do not think that it impacted your ability to work on the lesson material, so I will not have you redo any parts because of it, but I highly recommend you to look for an alternative for the following lessons. In particular, please note that at the latest by lesson 2 you are required to use a fineliner or your submissions will not be accepted.

The confidence in your lines takes a slight hit in the rough perspective exercise. Since most of your lines are hitting the corners dead on, I want to repeat that overshooting a bit is fine for the moment. The quality of your line should not suffer because you focus on hitting the end perfectly.

Finally, something I notice in your rotated boxes exercise, is that the boxes that are rotated perfectly horizontal or vertical are getting longer the further they are from the center. This no problem for now, but something to work on during the 250 boxes challenge.

Overall, I once more want to say that in my opinion you did very well on this lesson. In particular, I think you did a particularly great job with fitting the ellipses into their bounds in the "tables of ellipses" exercise and you are able to produce a very solid impression of depth in the organic perspective exercise, which will come in handy in the future.

Good luck with the 250 boxes!