I went too far without getting critiqued

11:52 AM, Thursday April 28th 2022

So when I first finished lesson 1 I was a silly introvert and put off submitting my work for several weeks. In the mean time I moved on and completed the 250 box challenge and started lesson 2, all with the intention of getting my lesson 1 critiqued asap but always putting it off. I've since wised up and joined the patreon to get my work professionally critiqued and have just received my critique for lesson 1. The feedback is very helpful and has identified strengths and weaknesses that I didn't know about and I now see why it was stressed so heavily to get work critiqued before moving on. Some of the feedback would have affected the way I did the 250 box challenge.

Now I'm left in a bit of a pickle, as I have work that I have done but could have done better if I had waited, as per the rules I need to wait at least two weeks before my next official submission (the already completed the 250 box challenge). Should I spend this time in a holding pattern working on the 50% rule and warm ups that practice the weak areas identified? Or should I use the feedback I've been given to reattempt some of the 250 box challenge (obviously not all of it as that would cross the threshold into grinding)?

Open to suggestions, feedback and ridicule. I promise I won't break the rules anymore.

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5:14 PM, Thursday April 28th 2022

The general rule is that anything done, aside from Lesson 1, prior to having that Lesson 1 material marked as complete on the official critique track, has to be redone. But we're a little more forgiving than that - just a little. When it comes to the box challenge, we ask students to do an additional 50 boxes after having Lesson 1 marked as complete by a TA, so that we have at least some boxes that represent where you are currently.

Anything else you may have done beyond that - Lesson 2 and onwards - will have to be redone in full.

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12:25 PM, Wednesday May 4th 2022

This is really useful to know that it is very important to get the feedback, as another shy type I hesitated at getting "involved" online but I will try to now :) So thank you for sharing what you have learnt.

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