Tools of The Trade (Applying DAB information)

2:54 AM, Friday September 16th 2022

heyo i was wondering if its ok to use any other information previously gained during the first two lessons for the constructional drawing homework. a example would be the perpendicular center lines that run across the form for the lesson 3 branches and such these are notably found in the organic forms exercise i find that these make me believe the forms i am drawing even if i draw less contours however i have not implemented them so i can simply follow the instructions. However that is for the exercises so reasonably would it be okay for me to use these in methods in the homework as it is still part of course and isnt extracted from other's?

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2:09 PM, Friday September 16th 2022

Not only is it okay, it's what's intended. DaB isn't a course where each lesson is separate, each lesson builds on itself. The reason you spent so long drawing basic forms in lesson 1 and 2 was so that you could use those forms to build out complex objects.

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4:02 PM, Monday September 26th 2022

You should follow the instructions to the letter.

For example, some exercises explicitly state not to use too many contour lines because it's trying to focus on other means of making 3d forms believable.

If you don't feel ready for a particular exercise, you can probably do it anyway. These are kind of 'deep end' lessons where you aren't expected to understand everything right away, only though practice.

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