Quick thought on the fear of making mistakes

8:02 AM, Saturday August 6th 2022

Dab tells us to not be worried about making mistakes as we need them to learn. And I agree as we shouldn't be scared of some marks on paper that ended up being all wobbly.

But that might cause a different fear to appear, one that is a bit hidden, and that's the fear of being afraid of making a mistake.

You get told you shouldn't be scared, which might make you feel worse from feeling scared of mistakes.

This isn't what it means. It means "don't be afraid of feeling afraid".

Instead of trying to suppress your fear of failure, try asking yourself why you are scared of it, and remember that it's okay to feel scared. It isn't some vague "sinful" thing to fight against, it's just how you react. The point of the statement "don't be scared of failure" is supposed to be reassuring, not a finger wag to tell you you are feeling a wrong feeling.

That's just how I interpret it of course, and I thought I'd share my view on it here in case it helps others who feel like they are messing up.

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