Lesson 6 and 7 Guide

4:09 AM, Tuesday June 13th 2023


I've made a guide for lesson 6 and 7 which was designed to make these lessons easier / less intimidating. I basically combined the notes I made for critiquing into one document as well as replies to questions about both lessons. It answers common questions I've seen and explains how you can avoid common errors I've seen in submissions. It also provides a method for doing lesson 7 and explains how to effectively use subdivision and orthographic plans for both lessons.

If you have suggestions or improvements feel free to comment.

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3:08 PM, Tuesday June 13th 2023

Thanks. That looks helpful.

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9:16 PM, Thursday June 15th 2023
edited at 9:18 PM, Jun 15th 2023

Thank you for this man, between this and the feedback that you gave me on my post i have gained enough confidence to build my own constructions, they don't look perfect by any means, but at least now i know where to start.

The document is specially useful for those of us who don't lurk on discord that much and would have otherwise missed on that valuable information about the bevels and ellipses.

I just wish Uncomfortable would "pin" your guide to the main lesson page, because im afraid this document will go unnoticed by the people that don't interact in the questions page.

edited at 9:18 PM, Jun 15th 2023
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9:40 PM, Saturday June 17th 2023

This looks like it will be very useful, thank you for sharing!

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3:04 PM, Monday September 18th 2023

This is a great guide. Thanks so much for putting this together. I do have a question about curves though. In one of the orthographics you shared on page 12 of your guide, I'm trying to understand their approach to drawing these curves circled in red. I can see where the specific points where the curves begin and end, but the nature of the curves (how much they bend in one direction or the other) dont seem to be supported by any straight lines or subdivision like you and uncomfortable recommend. Therefore, is it sometimes okay to 'wing' it like this?

9:17 AM, Wednesday September 20th 2023

It depends on how precise you want to be, I would personally just add a few more subdivisions to make a chain of small straight lines to make it look like a curve. This is also what the lesson recommends, but if you want to wing it, it isn't a huge deal. You're just sacrificing precision in favor of it looking good.

12:54 PM, Saturday September 23rd 2023

This makes sense. Thanks for the info.

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