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9:36 AM, Friday February 25th 2022

Hello aprizotic,

I would like to critique your homework :)


Your superimposed lines and ghosted lines are fine. You clearly understood the instructions and made confident strokes away from your starting point. This is also true for the planes.


The ellipses within the planes look smooth and are drawn through two times. Some of them have a noticeable gap to one or two walls, but overall I think they look decent.

Your tables of ellipses however... To be honest, this looks very much like scribbles. Did you get impatient since you had to fill two pages? I see deformed ellipses, ellipses that do not fit in their space and ellipses that changes their shape completely within the two turns with the pen.

I think you best go back to the instructions of the assignment and read/listen to them very carefully, then redo the two pages while consciously and carefully applying the ghosting technique to every single ellipse.

One of the things to take away from many of the early drawabox lessons is to give thought and care to every single mark and to not rush through them while being distracted by the "greater goal", like completing the whole page or even just a single box. See also https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/ghostedlines "Step 1: Planning"

The ellipses in the funnels show already greater care again. They are also correctly aligned and most of them fit their space quite well.


Plotted perspective looks fine.

Rough perspective: You already have quite a good "aim" regarding vanishing points! Most of your lines are also still confident. Well done!

Your rotated perspective looks fine! Some wobblyness is apparent, which probably means that you forgot the ghosting and/or the drawing from the shoulder in some instances, but i know how overwhelming this assignment can be, so I rather compliment you for the quite smooth rotations. This is not a task we are supposed to excel in just yet!

Your organic perspective also looks quite good. You rotate and scale your boxes, just as instructed. To comment on your comment: I don't think your scaling up is necessarily too fast. It depends very much on how big and how close your boxes are supposed to be. It is dramatic scaling, yes, but i think it works and if you want more control over how close and big your boxes feel to the viewer, you will learn a lot in the extensive instructions and explanations to the 250 box challenge.

Good luck!

Next Steps:

I would like you to redo the tables of ellipses assignment, with proper ghosting

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
6:42 PM, Monday February 28th 2022
edited at 6:43 PM, Feb 28th 2022


Here is the link to the assignment redo, much better if I say so myself.

Another mistake that I also found out was that with the small ellipses I used my wrist to draw them while ghosting with my shoulder, which just mest things up.

For now I'm warming up with ghosted planes as my ghosted lines going across short distances is pretty bad as you could see in the rotated perspective.

edited at 6:43 PM, Feb 28th 2022
8:03 PM, Monday February 28th 2022

Wow, great progress!

Sorry for assuming a lack of care in your tables when you were simply figuring out the motor patterns necessary. But it makes me happy to see how steep your learning curve is! You can really be proud of yourself!

I would say you can totally move on to the 250 box challenge now. If the planes are still useful as a warm up, maybe keep at it for now.

The challenge is a real grind, but you seem to have the drive to get through it in a reasonable amount of time (in contrast to myself cough).

I wish you good luck with future lessons! :)

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9:24 PM, Monday February 28th 2022

Thank you! :)

6:01 PM, Monday February 28th 2022

Thanks for your critique Jackdraws!

When I was doing my table of ellipses I had poor mechanical control when trying to draw the ellipses with my shoulder.

However, this has drastically improved as I implemented it into my warmup.

As requested I will redo the assignment,

again thanks for the early critique :)

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