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1:14 PM, Sunday March 6th 2022

Heyo my name is Phobic and i will be your Critique giver for today.

Section 1: Lines

The super-imposed lines at a glance look pretty good. your lines appear to be confidently drawn with only a handful of examples of fraying on both ends but typically this is quite good. i also applaud you for doing the extra curved lines these are quite tough and something even im struggling with!

One part i noticed was your lines tended to arc when drawing longer lines resulting in fraying towards the end. this is normal and should go away with focused practice in the warm ups so nothing to worry about right now but over all great job on this exercise.

The ghosted lines have the same pro's and cons as your super imposed lines. the lines look confidently drawn and look to have been ghosted properly with the only real issue being arcing which i recomend looking at the lesson information about how to counter this and with accuracy which should improve overtime. Overall good work on this task.

Section 2: Elipses

For the sake of my sanity i am just going to conflate both the ghosted planes and elipses within planes as 1 single task as i feel it would be a monumental waste of both my time and yours to talk about half the task in two sections each.

With that being said this the actual planes themselves share the same issue as the prior section where your lines are often arcing which i would again recomend checking out the lesson content for (to save myself repeating this should it arise again i will put a (1) beside it to let you know it's an arcing line related critique). Additionally i noticed a little bit of wobbling in the lines of your planes likely caused by trying to ensure the points of the plane were lined up. this should be avoided as the purpose of this exercise is to prioritise confidence over accuracy.

As for the elipses i feel you have made a good attempt drawing these as they look confidently drawn although a few of your elipses don't make full contact with or slightly overlap the sides of the plane which is something you should practice in the warm ups. additionally a handful of your elipses have been drawn a bit to small and don't fully extend out to reach any of the sides of the box which is a mistake covered in the elipses in planes lesson material which i reccomend you look at when attempting this exercise in future.

One final point i would like to add which i will use a (2) to refer to should it arise again so you can consult it here is you have drawn through your elipses an inconsistent number of times. in most of your elipses you have drawn through them 2 times although in a handful of them you have made 3 passes. it is recomended that you aim for only 2 passes when drawing the elipse as it will help you with keeping your elipses looking neat but also help you fight the urge to course correct whilst drawing them. again the purpose of the exercise is confidence over accuracy.

Table of elipses: see (2)

First of all i would like to praise you for the variety of patterns you have attempted to draw as it shows a clear engagement with the task and is just generally quite nice to look at. as for areas to improve upon many of your elipses do not touch the top, bottom and sides of the pages and are just floating in space. i would recomend revisiting the exercise material when revisiting this task for a warm up as this is one of the mistakes mentioned within the lesson material. additionally many of the elipses are either spaced a bit too far appart or are slightly overlapping one another instead of just touching on the edges. this is more of an accuracy issue however which can be corrected with focused practice during the warm ups. overall nice work just take these mistakes into consideration and you should be golden.

Funnels: see (2)

The funnels look confidently drawn which shows a clear improvement as you have went along these exercises. some of the prior critique still applies with only minor spacing issues but generally looks fine. my only major critique is that some of your elipses are not quite aligned on the minor axis which should result in two sides being split in half which you can learn more about in the lesson material.

Section 3: Boxes

Plotted Perspective:

the page for plotted perspective has not been included so i cannot critique this

Rough perspective: see (1) although admitedly it's quite minor here

at an initial glance the lines appear to have been properly ghosted however i noticed an issue with wobbling lines on some of your boxes. however i am going to chalk this up to a lack of familiarity with ghosting small distances between points which is admittedly quite uncomfortable at first so i will let this slide with the recomendation for more practice. additionally i have noticed that some of your boxes have lines which have been drawn through multiple times when a mistake has been made. although this is hard not to do you should focus on the confidence of your lines more than accuracy and avoid drawing through your lines in an attempt to correct mistakes. to avoid repition i will mark this mistake with a (3) should it crop up again. finally i would also like to note that some of your lines do not quite ghost back to the vanishing point and in future attempts more care should be given to this in the warm ups when building accuracy but for now it is fine.

One final note is that some of your boxes are not fully parralel on boxes horizontal lines and perpindicular on the boxes vertical lines. as the boxes are drawin in 1 point perspective for this task it is important to aim for this in future warm ups and it is something i would recomend practicing in the warm ups. outside of this not too much comes to mind/

Rotated Boxes:

The page for Rotated Boxes has not been included so i cannot critique this

Organic Perspective s: see (3) for one of the boxes

Not too much to say about this one the boxes look confidently drawn although slightly distorted in areas likely caused by errors made in plotting the boxes which i recommend you revisit the lesson material for. The main errors here are a lack of major size variance in the boxes from near to far and slight distortion with your Y's you have plotted. overall though a good first attempt i would recomend you revisit the lesson material for this task along side the extra notes when the time comes to start the 250 boxes and in your warm up exercises.


Overall this is a good submission which i cannot yet mark as complete as i am missing two of the required exercises for me to mark. additionally i would like to request an addional panel of both organic perspective and rough perspective with the critique offered and lesson information kept in mind (both of these can be done on the same page as i only want a panel of each task not a full page revisit)

I wish you good luck as you are almost finished with lesson 1!

Next Steps:

Provide the missing pages for marking and to complete the recommended revisions.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:00 PM, Sunday March 6th 2022

Thank you! I noticed I missed to upload those two exercises. they're up now. Thank you for yout time :) I will attempt again the exercises you pointed out .

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8:41 AM, Sunday March 6th 2022
edited at 8:44 AM, Mar 6th 2022

Congratulations for "finishing" the first lesson of DAB.

Your drawings have no problem and you're drawing very confidently.. But, have you done Plotted Perspective and Rotated Boxes exercises?.. Because I can't seem to find those two in your link.

edited at 8:44 AM, Mar 6th 2022
9:01 PM, Sunday March 6th 2022

Yes :( I had all those images and forgot to upload those two. They're up on the same imgur link

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8:03 AM, Sunday March 6th 2022

Firstly good job on completing lesson ,

But there are a few critical aspects


I had no problem with your lines, they were drawn confidently and fairly accurately, you did a great job


your ellipses where drawn through 2 to 3 times so you clearly understand what I've said to some degree already. Plus your accuracy on the ellispes is really, good job on that!


some of your lines are pretty wobbly maybe its because you drew them slowly and lack of confident.

One thing to remember is that when you draw boxes in perspective avoid drawing lines parallel lines because those lines gonna convert to each other at some point ( keep in mind: for 1 point perspective the horizontal and vertical lines should be parallel and for 2 point perspective only the vertical line will be parallel )

but dont worry too much about your accuracy at first and focus more on line confident

  • there is one tips that i usally do when drawing boxes in perspective manually is ghosting the line from the start to the vanishing point that way can help you have more sense of where the line should go, of course this method wont makes your lines 100% accurate

not lets go to the conclusion of your work

_what i love about your work is your line confident, they are really great good job man

_dont stress your self out too much about the perspective exercise because perspective is a difficult thing to understand at first so dont worry too much and you can have a chance to practice perspective in 250 boxes challenge

Next Steps:

you are good to go

QUICK!!! move to lesson 2 and dont forget to do the 250 boxes challenge, believe me that challenge is hard but it help you

a lot

This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete. In order for the student to receive their completion badge, this critique will need 2 agreements from other members of the community.
8:48 PM, Sunday March 6th 2022

Thanks a lot :) I'll have the parallel lines in mind for my next exercises

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