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11:04 AM, Thursday April 6th 2023

Hey hey, good job on finishing Lesson 2. I'll be splitting this in five sections to review separately, here we go.


You've drawn plenty of arrows! You made a few critical mistakes though, so I'm gonna ask you to do another page for me.

First of all, you have placed your "shading" on the wrong side of the curves. If you look at the examples, you'll see that the shading has been added on the inside of the bends, while you have placed them on the outside. This gives your arrows the impression of impossible perspective: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/step4

A large amount of arrows aren't actually folding onto themselves. Don't be afraid to let lines cross! A few arrows have been drawn well, most the majority remains flat: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/overlap

Also try and create more dramatic foreshortening. That is to say, in the distance, the arrow will be both a lot smaller than in the front, and the space between the curves will be shorter as well.

Check out this section of the lesson for a bit of an explanation: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/overlap


Your sausages are mostly either too simple or too complex. Please be sure to make a gentle sausage-shape. Some of your shapes are near ellipses, and others are full C-shapes.

You did well on making the ellipses follow the shape of the sausage! And you've also drawn through your ellipses, making multiple loops which is great. Definitely keep practicing these though, your ellipses are somewhat wobbly, which is a result of drawing them too slow.

Most of your ellipses are the same shape, though. It's important to change the degree of your ellipses to give the illusion of curvature, otherwise the shapes will remain looking flat. See: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/degree

Also be sure to doublecheck the angle of your ellipses. Some of them do not align with the center line of the sausage at all: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/alignment

Lastly, I am missing a full page of sausages, did you forget to upload one?


Well done on the textures! You might want to experiment a bit more with stronger shadow sections, but overall you did well on this exercise. Especially the dissection textures exercise is well done, you also work with giving the silhouette a good shape, making it seem nice and three-dimensional. If anything, try to keep in mind exactly from what angle the light is coming from, so you can place the cast shadows consistently in the same direction.

Form intersections:

You did well on these too. The intersections themselves are off, but that's to be expected, and that is also not the goal of this exercise. You drew most of the shapes with a similar rate of foreshadowing, which makes all the shapes feel like they fit in the same space well. You're also drawing confident straight lines, so I assume the work in the 250 boxes challenge has paid off!

Organic intersections:

These look fine as well, but you did make some important mistakes. I won't have you redraw them but it's good to take a note.

First of all, these shapes are draped, you still want to make sure to make solid sausage-shapes. For this exercise its important you don't draw complex forms: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/9/complicated

You did well on not making the shadows hug the shape they're coming from! The next step is to make the shadows actually follow the shape it is attached to, however, which you sometimes did, but sometimes failed.

Also please be sure to draw the entire shape. I see you've only drawn a few sausages partially (because they would be behind other sausages anyway). For the purpose of Drawabox, always be sure to draw the full shape, front to back.


I was expecting a pretty low quality submission, but halfway through it picked up immensely, and you actually did a really good job!! Going by the organic intersections, I'm gonna assume you have a decent grasp of the sausages exercise as well, so no worries about finding that missing page to upload.

However, I can't let those arrows slide, they're messy. Would you draw and upload another page for me, making sure to re-read the exercise properly?

Focus on two things mainly:

  • stronger foreshortening (smaller arrows/empty space in the back, wider arrows/larger spaces in the front)

  • drawing the shading in the proper place. Doublecheck the exercise and pay close attention to where you put it.

Good luck!

Next Steps:

One more page of arrows.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
5:32 PM, Sunday April 23rd 2023


Sorry for the missing page...!! I thought I also upload it..!!

going to work on the arrows now!!

1:22 AM, Monday April 24th 2023


Here is mine arrows redo

4:27 PM, Thursday April 27th 2023

Good going :) you definitely saw what I meant and corrected it. The arrowheads are a little bit weird, but luckily they're not part of the exercise!

Next Steps:

Hope you like nature. Onto lesson 3!

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10:20 PM, Sunday April 30th 2023

Thank you!!

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