Lesson 6: Applying Construction to Everyday Objects

5:28 PM, Thursday October 14th 2021

Drawabox Lesson 6 + Demos - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/9m09Be2

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Took me a while and I heavily considered doing 10 objects instead of 8 since I took a month-long break between object 5 and object 6, which is why there are 6 pages of form intersections.

I have mixed feelings about my performance on this lesson, please be honest so that I can know what to focus on. Don't hold back.

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3:32 PM, Friday October 15th 2021

Good job, I think you have understood well how to divide the planes and thus draw the shapes and details correctly in place.

Except for the scotch tape that I think the hole goes further back, maybe you can correct it later.

The dimensions of the boxes where the objects are inserted seem to me well proportioned, so the objects seem to have an appropriate shape. I have that speaker too, and I think you got it right!

The final lines that are supposed to be the gradient may not work as well for objects 7 and 8 as they do for the speaker or the charger. i think it doesn't work on 7 and 8 because it doesn't look subtle as in the first three objects. They look like a print to me.

I hope i got to serve in something, good work Slyx!!

Feel free to give me feedback or comment on any of my exercises.

See you!

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5:00 PM, Friday October 15th 2021

I definitely see where your coming from, I think I really could've done better with that scotch tape and the stapler.

I also definitely pushed those lines too far on objects 7 and 8 and it makes it look very stylized.

Thank you for going over my submission Anbarbosa, in return I'll review one of your submissions^^


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1:53 PM, Sunday October 31st 2021

Hello slyx! Just to add my part here, I think that overall your drawings are very solid and 3d, so good job! And your attempts at form intersections are also fantastic.

The main thing I wanted to comment on is that you tend to repeat your lines quite a bit, I recommend just drawing your lines once and not drawing over them even if they were off. Specially whenever you're gonna draw a curve choose to divide it in several straight lines and then draw over them with a curve. I'm saying this because I think overall your drawings get a bit stiff because of redoing the lines.

I do recommend using a ruler if you aren't using it for all drawings on lesson 7 if you aren't doing! At least for a few drawings, I think it'll help to get more out of the lessons if you do it.

But in general like I said, great job! I do think as well that you are ready for the wheel challenge, good luck and keep up the good work! Feel free to ask any questions if you have them as well!

5:36 PM, Tuesday November 2nd 2021

Thanks for your critique Elodin! I'll definitely keep it in mind moving forward.

5:41 PM, Tuesday November 2nd 2021

No worries and good luck! You're almost there! :D

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