am i required to post homework and exercises?

2:12 AM, Sunday May 7th 2023

i just wanted to know if it is mandatory to post my homework and what not because im already at the 2nd to last part of lesson 1 and ive been looking at peoples posts and most of them seem to have posted all they're work. can anyone let me know?

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9:54 AM, Sunday May 7th 2023


You can post partial hw on the discord channels if you need feedbacks on specific assignments (be sure to use the appropriate channel like #lesson1).

If you submit for critique (official or community) you need to post all of the exercices of lesson 1, in all 3 sections (lines, ellipses, boxes).

I'm addind this if it helps:

Feel free to go back through lesson 0 materials and FAQ when needed, and/or ask for clarifications. I did several times before completing lesson 1.

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6:23 PM, Wednesday May 10th 2023

When you post for community and official critique on, it should be the entirety of the lesson or challenge. A proper critique will be thorough and cover your understanding of the entire lesson.

As Emelianth said, posting just part of a lesson or challenge is best in the Discord and you can get some feedback on a specific struggle.

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