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8:24 AM, Friday May 21st 2021

Hello radityaraksi. Congratulations on finishing the 250 box challenge. You've made lots of great progress in this challenge but there are a few things that need to be said.

First off, you seem to have a good understanding of the core concepts behind perspective and how it applies to boxes. The only problems here are with your actual execution of it.

At a glance, you had pretty bad line quality when you started out on the challenge with your lines being extremely wobbly. The progress you made with them, however, cannot be understated. Towards the end, your lines have become very straight. There is an occasional wobble, but the progress here is really good. Along with that, the line weight you add also improved a lot towards the end. For this much alone great job.

I do still have problems with your hatching however. They seem to be significantly wobblier than the rest of your lines. I feel that they aren't ghosted like the other lines. Take your time with drawing these.

One more thing that should be pointed out is how you extend the lines of your boxes to check if they converge properly. Especially at the beginning, the lines are way too short which makes it difficult to check whether they converge properly or not. Also the direction of the extension lines is sometimes off from the direction of the edge like here. Do not extend your lines in the direction of the tangent at the end of the line if that is what you are doing. The "average" direction is the direction to extend in as that is the direction the brain recognizes at first.

You seem to have developed a good understanding of how to make convergences work in shallower foreshortenings towards the end of the challenge. But you haven't drawn a lot of boxes with more dramatic foreshortening. I see maybe about 30 boxes having dramatic foreshortening and they don't seem to be easy for you as you repeatedly miss the convergences on them. The last 10 or so boxes having dramatic shortening convergence significantly better than the previous. I would suggest you to continue practicing drawing boxes in more dramatic foreshortening.

I'd say you're good to go on to lesson 2.

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Lesson 2

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10:07 PM, Tuesday May 25th 2021

Yeah i feel the same too. Also i don't ghost my hatchings

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