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3:18 PM, Monday November 27th 2023

250 Box Challenge - Malcress - Album on Imgur

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"It's done!" - Frodo

I'm back with the finished challenge, absolutely can't believe I finished it! Started the challenge on the 21st of September so I took a few days over 2 months to complete it, which I consider fair, especially for my pace and ADHD-driven obstacles haha. I had moments where it got really difficult to focus and it took me an hour to do 2 boxes (zoning out 90% of the time) and other days I was able to do 8 boxes in 45 minutes (not rushing, rather not overthinking it), I also skipped 1-3 days a couple times to take breaks (sometimes forced due to burnout). After passing the 200 milestone, I watched Comfy critique Scylla's boxes on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxXPY6XnCmI&feature=youtu.be and it was the ideal timing and I really recommend everyone watch it once getting 200 boxes done. I noticed the quality of my boxes started to decrease and I thought it was my ADHD/mental health getting bad but, as Comfy mentions, it's a common issue where one wants to "get it over with" and makes unnecessary mistakes/wobbly lines, so I was more mindful of this new tendency and I believe it didn't worsen as much thanks to this awareness. I did physical warm-ups and stretches before each session, and drawing warm-ups for 10-20 minutes every time - here they are in case you'd like to see progress in some of the L1 exercises which I was specifically recommended to keep doing during my L1 feedback: https://imgur.com/a/iYgE6XJ .

Not to do the feedback part myself, but I'm really thankful for Comfy for the Drawabox course so far, my line quality has improved immensely (both straight and curved lines), I'm finally starting to get a glimpse of how to perceive perspective, and overall for giving me knowledge and exercises where I'm so much less prone to perfectionism and my urge to just see the finished product is much weaker here as well, so again, thank you!

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