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8:33 AM, Tuesday November 29th 2022

Hey there! I will be looking over your homework today. Congrats on making it through Lesson 1!

I will be pointing out what's good at first and then explaining where I believe you have room to improve in. If necessary, I will ask for revisions before sending you on your way.

Lines: Lines are super hard in the beginning, especially since you're just learning the shoulder movement and all. I think you're starting out good. Also good job on getting your lines from Point A to Point B! In your ghosted Planes exercise the lines seem to wobble a bit. It's still fine but remember for next time to ghost as many times as you need before placing your line, so that you get a smooth, confident line! I would also advice you to try varying shapes of rectangles and squares. The lines don't have to be parallel, in fact, most of the time they aren't. In your second page of the ghosted planes it actually looks like you drew the lines with a ruler. Don't do this. It will not help in learning how to draw a confident line and you lose significant study time. If you get impatient, just take a break instead.

Ellipses: Your ellipses look really good! Confident and dynamic, good job! Also good job on drawing through all of the ellipses at least two times! Remember that we're going for a maximum of three times, preferably two times.

Boxes: The most important thing about the Boxes assignments are still the lines. I feel like compared to in the beginning, they look like they need more ghosting since almost all of them look rather wobbly. Definitely incorporate that in your warm-up for the next time!

Before sending you on your way, I would like you to do another page of the Ghosted Planes exercise. Try to ghost enough times before placing your lines and try to use varying angles for the planes! If you're unsure, you can use other people's completed homework as reference. I think it could already help by angling the lines differently and making one longer than the other.

Wishing you good luck! Don't forget to answer to this with another link to the revisions!

Next Steps:

1 Page of the Ghosted Planes exercise

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
10:48 PM, Tuesday November 29th 2022

Ah, I didn't have the ghosted planes exercise up when I got to the elipses and realized I missed one page and drew one real quick, that's on me, here's another, thanks for the critique!

8:19 AM, Thursday December 1st 2022

Hey! Yeah that looks good! Definitely work those angles ^-^ I would advice you to include one of the Lines Assignment into your warm-up, since your lines still seem a bit wobbly and unsure, though you did improve already!

Remember that we're aiming for confidence over accuracy! Even though it's preferable not to, it's okay to miss some points as long as you have a strong and confident line.

Keep that in mind in future assignment and warm-ups!

Good luck and lots of patience in the 250 Box Challenge!

Next Steps:

Head onto the 250 Box Challenge

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