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2:14 PM, Friday August 5th 2022

Hi VICTOR247! I'll review your work :)


Pretty good, but I see some issues. Most of the lines are wobbly, probably due to a lack of confidence. I feel that maybe you rushed a little bit while doing the exercises and I would suggest doing them in a more relaxed way and taking your time (make sure you are applying the 50% rule). Also some arching of the lines, which can be solved by conciously arching them the other direction.


Some of them deformed (meaning they don't have an elliptical shape) and most of the time they fail to adjust to the bounds (of the table, a funnel or a plane). Again, take your time, remember the three step process of making a line.


Your boxes are great. But some of your boxes in Organic Perspective are actually drawn in two point perspective, always apply the Y method of constructing a box in this stages. Other than that, you have some perspective issues that will take care of themselves in the 250 boxes challenge.

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 boxes challenge and have fun drawing!

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5:04 PM, Friday August 5th 2022

Thanks for the review!

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