Great job on completing the box challenge! I can see improvement both on your lines and your convergences.

I've a few things to point out so you can keep improving in your boxes:

-Hatching looks a bit rushed at times. Remember to take your time with each line, don't rush them.

-About lineweight, with one line is enough, keep your lineweight subtle.

-For the inner corner placement, you've improved a lot, you still have issues with it, which is completely normal. I made this demo to show another method to approach drawing boxes. Instead of completing first the outline of the box, you draw the inner corner before, as it's shown, in the fourth step. This helped me in figuring out the inner corner issue and hopefully it helps to you too.

This works because of this. Thinking about the relationships between lines will lead to better boxes. Drawing the boxes in that order will help you think about this when drawing the lines more, which is why it usually leads to better convergences.

-A thing to keep in mind as well is that you aren't drawing many shallow foreshortening boxes, keep in mind you should practice those as well, so focus on them when working on your warmups.

And lastly I recommend trying to vary more your boxes, with different boxes and rotations, by varying your initial Y.