Undead Desperado Centaur

8:16 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/g40VO7y.jpg

This submission was done for the Weird West drawing prompt. Check out more submissions here!

Redo of one of my first posts

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4:06 PM, Friday June 10th 2022

Dude... I love this! This seeps more of your personality and style into it compared to the previous one, I say it's a great improvement! I'm also very happy to see that you changed the: "welp, can't say I am happy with this" into "Love how it came out". Failure is just a compass to guide you to success, but never let it make you doubt yourself.

Now for the artwork itself, I think it has a very interesting and unique line quality that I really like. It's loose, fluid and in a way a bit calming, kinda adds to the death theme you were going for if you ask me. It's also simple and plain, yet very beautiful and it delivers the message. This uniqueness will separate yourself from other artists, so I say you should cherish and work on it!

Now I was just curious about some things, like if are you interested in animal anatomy and such, and how did you come up with that line weight cause it looks sick! Anyways have a wonderful day and never let small mistakes stun your growth as an artist!

10:49 AM, Sunday June 12th 2022

Wow, I am flattered by your kind words!

I am actually more inspired by AI generated art, I based this off what Dall e mini gave me when I wrote the prompt "Skeletal cowboy centaur" in different ways. It is really useful for figuring out "general shapes" of what you are drawing, so I advise you to try it out by asking for something you are having problems with illustrating.

The line weight is something I've sort of gotten used to by working way too much with small tipped brush pens, like the Sakura Pigma FB pens, while the gold line is done with an actual gold ballpoint pen I wanted to play around with.

8:54 PM, Sunday June 12th 2022

SAY WHAT- Ok this is awesome dude thanks for introducing my sporadically creative mind to this amazing website!! I was always intrigued by these AI generated stuff, but this is something else... I mean I created a fish eating fish crackers... and a bike riding a bike so now I can die peacefully...! I might have also made some clones of me, one of them goes to school and the other draws those freaking 250 BOXES! Hopefully they won't turn out to be evil and try to capture me like in every movie... ANYWAYS thanks for telling me about these!

I think you should check out this website too, it's pretty interesting! https://thisxdoesnotexist.com/

It's crazy how far technology has come, tho I think human creativity will never be matched by AI, it is still an awesome tool to use and I am glad you are having fun with it and creating amazing works! Keep going man, much love!

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