Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:27 PM, Sunday January 23rd 2022

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Well its finally here lesson 1, i just want to point out some of my obvious mistakes that im fully aware of:

  • Ghosted Lines Exercise definitely has some wobbly lines, i dont know why but when i am close to reach the 2nd dot my hand just switches from shoulder to wrist and creates a wobbly line.

  • Perspective/Boxes lesson was definitely hard, in Organic Perspective i did inverted Y's (like and umbrella), that made guessing the lines way much more difficult to me and ended up with some bad looking boxes.

Thank you so much for creating drawabox and hoping to see some critique, thanks!

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8:37 PM, Sunday January 23rd 2022

Hello Ledvi21 and welcome! First of all, in general when you do the lessons it's better if you don't point your mistakes. If you have any doubts try to write specific questions instead!

Overall you've done a good attempt through the exercises. I want to comment on some things though, so let's go over the exercises section by section:

Starting with your lines they start off a bit wobbly, but by the end of the ghosted planes you're doing a great job committing to your lines and drawing them confidently even if they're going to miss then ending dot, which is just what we're looking for!

Other thing is that you are drawing your dots a little big. Try to draw them smaller so it's easier to assess the results of the ghosted line exercises.

In general you're doing a great job planning and drawing the lines cleanly, just remember to focus on confidence over accuracy like you did in the ghosted planes in future attempts of the other exercises!

Moving onto your ellipses they're confident just like your lines on the lines section, which is exactly what you're meant to do! The accuracy isn't perfect but you are already making pretty good attempts, keep practicing like that and it'll get even better.

On the ellipses in the ghosted planes you are also drawing them mostly confidently, but I think the shapes get a bit unsymmetrical and wobbly at times. You might be thinking that the centre of the ellipses is the same as the centre of the planes or that you should modify the elliptical ellipse shape so it touches the contact points, but this is not the case. Ellipses have to be symmetrical and have the same shape regardless of where they are, so the only things you can change is how wide the ellipse is and which position it is in.

Lastly on funnels you're making good attempts at the allignments! Only thing here is that the ellipses are starting to stiffen up a bit, so always remember to focus on confidence over accuracy. Whenenver you feel like the ellipses start to get a bit wobbly you can try to draw a bit faster as well, it helps to loosen up.

Finally in your boxes a few things:

-Your lines are pretty clean, but they are starting to get a bit wobbly consistently unlike previously, your first priority with lines is to make them confident and straight just like in the lines section, so focus on that first and don't worry if you need to sacrifice accuracy to achieve it.

Here's one example, top line is a level 1 line, and bottom line is a level 0 line. This is because a confident line will always be better than a wobbly line in these exercises. In general try to approach them just like an individual ghosted lines exercise. Remember that these boxes don't have to look good, they're just practice for yourself. So if they help you get better it doesn't matter how they look!

-Sometimes you repeat lines that missed the ending dot, but just like in the line section make sure you don't repeat any line even if they miss. Try to think of each single line as a single ghosted lines exercise. In case you missed the dot, if the line is confident that means that you did the exercise well, so you have nothing to worry about.

-On rough perspective you seem to have trouble at times keeping height lines perpendicular to the horizon line, and width lines parallel to it. I know it's hard, but make sure you always are aiming for it. You can check if the starting and ending dots are correct or not, and if you find that they aren't you can change them. You can put down as many dots as you want as long as it's before drawing the actual line, so give it a shot!

This is the same for the depth lines, on the depth lines though you can ghost towards the vanishing point to help you check if the line is going to be accurate or not, so remember to give it a shot as well if you weren't doing it already.

-On rotated boxes you've done a great attempt apart from the line issues I mentioned. Most boxes are rotated and all are kept close together, good job! The only thing is that some of the boxes on the outer ends aren't close to each other, and that some boxes on the outer ends are missing, so keep an eye on these things in future attempts!

On organic perspective, you're doing a great job drawing your lines cleanly and planning them carefully!

One thing you can do is to add lineweight to the parts of outer lines that overlap with other boxes to clarify which ones are on top and which behind, so give it a try next attempts you have at the exercise!

Lastly you are having some issues on the perspective of the boxes, but that's not a problem as you'll work on them on the box challenge.

Overall like I said earlier you've done a pretty good job so I'll mark this as complete. Don't forget to keep focusing on confidence over accuracy and good luck on the box challenge!

From now on you need to do warmups before every session, so don't forget about them! And make sure you ask any questions you might have. Keep up the good work!

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
12:53 AM, Monday January 24th 2022
edited at 12:55 AM, Jan 24th 2022

Thank you so much for the critique!

Oh wow, i didn't know i was doing my dots a little big, and yup definitely confidence is something i am going to work.

Only thing is in the "ellipses in planes" exercise, does that mean that it doesn't matter if the plane is kinda distorted a little to the right or left, what we wanna do is always strike for a symmetrical, confident ellipse even if it doesn't "follow" the direction of the plane?

For example, here in this image, the plane "feels" like its going (or distorting) to the botton-right corner of my plane, does my ellipse need to follow this "direction"? or as long as the ellipse is symmetrical and confident, the position of the ellipse in relationship with the plane doesn't matter?


i hope i made myself clear because its kinda confusing.

Regarding Warmups, does that mean we also do warmups for the Rotated Boxes exercise and the "plotted perspective" exercise?

Especially the last one since its fully made with ruler.

Thank you so much for the critique, Gretings!

(Also as a little thing, how do i "agree" with a comment :P? it appears at the top-right of the screen but theres no button to agree)

edited at 12:55 AM, Jan 24th 2022
8:00 PM, Monday January 24th 2022

Yeah, the ellipses have to be symmetrical no matter what. Only things you can change is the degree of the ellipse, from 0º to 90º as explained on the lesson, how big the ellipses are, and where you place them.

Yeah you should still do warmups for them. For rotated boxes and organic perspective I'd wait after doing the box challenge though, as you'll learn most of what you need to know to approach them properly throughout the challenge. The plotted perspective can be skipped since it's just an introduction to 2p perspective, but feel free to give it a try if you want of course!

Lastly for the agreeing thingy you don't need to agree with official critique comments, the agree thing is mainly for the community critique posts.

Good luck on the box challenge and keep up the good work!

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