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8:51 AM, Sunday February 19th 2023

So to start, I saw at the beginning of the challenge you was Extending lines in the wrong direction, but by moving forward in the exercise I noticed that you had corrected this. Also, you were extending only one vanishing point at the beginning but you have corrected it. However, I saw that often your lines are diverging or are parallel so watch out!

Here is a link for that: https://imgur.com/mWLlnYl

To continue I noticed that sometimes you were messing with the face that was facing to you, be careful with that. As well as your hatching lines often goes beyond the face, be meticulous with them. I will mention that often you are adding lineweight at a place where it's useless and they are also wobbly. You should also get a little bit more of variety in your box.

And to conclude a last note is Inner corner, a way to improve them is to start thinking about the relationships between lines instead of just thinking about the lines in pairs. When drawing the lines of the boxes, the student should keep in mind all the other lines in the set, comparing their angles and making a guess based on them. This diagram explain this more clearly:


The diagram can be pretty hard to understand at first, so if you don't understand it, don't get frustrated, keep reading it from time to time while practicing regularly, and it will click eventually.

Next Steps:

I want you to do 10 box and try to apply and correct what I mention good luck.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
4:45 PM, Monday February 27th 2023

Here are my revisions https://imgur.com/a/CKCeM2A

8:15 AM, Tuesday February 28th 2023

Well, it's okay but some of your lines are parallel or diverging here is something that can help you : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mteUPdCHn4s&t=

Moreover you have many things that may help you on the discord server in basic-challenges pinned messages.

Next Steps:

I want you to do 5 more box.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
7:19 PM, Thursday March 16th 2023


I think that I will add some boxes to my warmup routine to help make me more patient when constructing them.

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