hello hello.

first your lines aren't too bad. generally most people will need work with them. time and practice fixes those best. some tips that help with that, one for me is having my elbow up, pinky as minor anchor point and letting my arm do the driving, though im starting to think that was covered. pay attention to how and why your arm/hand/elbow/pen wobbles and see what you can do to fix that over time. some trail and error may be neccisery to learn

the ghosted planes with elipses could possibly do some work. doing them distorted intentionally may be a good idea for future warmups and excorsises, but it might be good to have an idea on how to draw them 'normally' or 'flatly'. learning the rules, or guidlines before their bent as they were. i suggest doing a revision of those. bare in mind all the excorsies are good for retreading for everyone for warmups in the future, both for drawabox, and for drawing in general.

for elipses in gerneral is always a good idea to ghost more, and eventually youll be able to keep them withing their planes. another tip, and i had roblem here too, is try to diversify your elipses sizes and shapes more in the future. for funnel, see if ghosting the entire row first helps out.

rough perspective is looking alright, but dont be afraid of them overlapping as you focus on the one your drawing generally. i can see your lines are a little wobbly as well, be sure to ghost those as well as rotated to canvas, that will be especially helpful for the 250 box challenge. i do notive you dont have line going back to the VB, i think revisions might be neccsery for this one as well. you have a ruler or even a straight edge i hope?

rotated boxes and organic perspective are generally very difficult, but it's good to do them and fail now, and in the future do them again as a warmup. especially after doing the 250 box challenge when you have a more firm grasp on 3d space. the rotated boxes seem a bit unfinished. be sure to draw through your boxes next time and go over the excosise guidlines also.

for organic perspective generally ghosting more would be for the best, and remember the general rule of if its closer, its bigger seeming, if its further, its smaller seeming, to and extent.

overal a good start, but i would suggest some revisions before the 250 box challenge to get a firmer grasp on understanding of the lessons.