homework critique

6:47 PM, Saturday September 5th 2020

hello, does anybody know which day of the week Uncomfortable critiques homeworks?

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10:50 PM, Saturday September 5th 2020
edited at 3:40 AM, Sep 6th 2020

I generally do critiques on Mondays and Thursdays, but I don't necessarily stick to that. Sometimes if things are piling up a bit high, I'll get some in on other days. You however submitted your 250 box challenge today, which is handled by TAs (currently ScyllaStew). She handles them either every day or every other day depending on the situation.

Edit: I just noticed that you had cancelled your submission a few minutes after submitting it, so it is not currently in the queue to receive feedback. I'm not sure if you did that on purpose though, since you had posted this question after canceling the submission.

edited at 3:40 AM, Sep 6th 2020
6:05 PM, Sunday September 6th 2020

my bad i accidentally cancelled it while i read the text near the button.

i've reposted it.

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