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8:38 AM, Friday May 1st 2020

The depth and compression of your arrows is good, but don't shade them randomly: always shade in the center of the fold.

Pretty good organic shapes, don't hesitate to make bigger ones, you'll need it for next lessons.

Great texture analysis, you perfectly understood the cast shadow concept.

In the same way, texture dissection is almost perfect.

Generally, the forms intersection is good, but sometimes your pyramids seems to have a strange foreshooting.

Organic intersection is really good too, but don't go for too longs shapes, like on page 2. Nice shadows too.

So, really good work!

Next Steps:

Move forward to Lesson 3, and 25 Textures challenge.

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6:34 AM, Saturday May 2nd 2020

thank you for the critique. Appreciate it.

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