Exercise "Generator"/Selector

6:56 PM, Wednesday November 22nd 2023

The initial lessons recommend you revisit their exercises as warmup for 5-ish minutes whenever you start drawing. Is there some utility that can help me pick a random exercise I've already completed to warm up with?

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7:32 PM, Wednesday November 22nd 2023
edited at 7:34 PM, Nov 22nd 2023

You could make one. I found this spreadsheet in the discord that lists the warmups that are available at each stage. It might be a bit dated, though. You could make something to randomly select from that list as appropriate.

Honestly, I am not sure if it would be worth the trouble. In most cases people shouldn't pick randomly. In my experience there are exercises that are a lot more beneficial to do more often than others. At least initially. I believe the standing advice is to lean more on the ones you feel are your weakest.


Actually I just saw the spreadsheet had a link to this


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3:35 PM, Monday January 8th 2024

When I struggle with deciding things I just use Wheel of Names to help me decide things. Just input all the exercises in the names place and then spin the wheel! I haven't done that yet but it's very helpful when I don't know what to do

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4:13 AM, Friday December 8th 2023

I recommend you use the website https://rolladie.net/#!numbers=1&high=6&length=1&sets=&addfilters=&last_roll_only=false&totals_only=false so you can choose a random exercise to review.

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1:09 AM, Saturday May 11th 2024

I have been writing down each exercises as a warmup on flashcards and pull a random one.

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6:31 PM, Thursday July 11th 2024

You could just number them and then roll a die to see which one you get.

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